Frith is a word crudely translated to “peace.” Frith is a collective social agreement to foster a sense of wellbeing, contentment, happiness, and peace in our environments and our relations. It’s intersectional with other recognized Heathen values such as hospitality and the Gifting Cycle.

Frith is something we collaboratively work towards. It involves things like honest communication, healthy power dynamics, productive conflict resolution, and accountability. Frith is not meant to be a standard of “toxic positivity.” It’s also not a tool to silence all disagreement or to maintain a certain status quo. That’s because Frith is defined by the internal fulfillment we get from good personal relationships. This needs to be felt genuinely for a community to have Frith.

The Norse people lived in small communities in cold, isolated environments. They saw great value in one another and did what they could to foster that. We do the same in modern Norse Pagan Heathenry.