What is Norse Paganism?

Norse Paganism is a modern spirituality inspired by the practices of the ancient Norse people. It’s a subsection of Heathenry and ranges greatly in its styles and appearances. This spirituality is best described as an animistic and imminent belief system. It’s also considered a polytheistic religion due to the presence of a multi-deity pantheon. Unlike Greek Hellenism, Norse Paganism is decentralized and doesn’t have a “canon” orthodoxy or mythology. However, the wide distribution of the Eddas have popularized the Icelandic versions of the Norse myths.

What is Heathenry?

Heathenry, or Heathenism, is a modern neo-pagan spiritual movement informed by the folkloric practices, customs, beliefs, and worldviews of pre-Christian Northern European civilizations. People who practice Heathenry are known as “Heathens.” Some forms of Heathenry include Norse Pagan Heathenry, Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, Germanic (Teutonic) Heathenry, and Slavic Heathenry.

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