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Tarot is a popular form of card divination. It is used for fortune-telling, forecasting outcomes, and receiving spiritual messages. My skills as a spirit-worker and clairvoyant are incorporated into my readings. During readings, I intuitively download and process information about your Wyrd and use the cards as a means to direct my interpretations.

I have been practicing Tarot divination since 2009.

What you will receive

  • You will receive a Tarot Card Reading within 1-3 days of purchase. I will intuitively draw 1 to 6 cards for your reading, or however many I need to thoroughly answer your question.

  • An email with an attached .pdf document containing information of the cards drawn, the meanings they had in relation to your question, and a detailed answer. The document will be clean and well-formatted.

What I’ll need

  • Name

  • Email. This is where I will send your Tarot reading results.

  • Your question or situation you need a reading on. Please be very specific with your question and add any information you feel is important for me to know. If you mention other people in relation to your question, please use their initials.

Fill out this form to get started on your reading. Please allow 1-3 days for me to prepare and deliver your answer.

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Skald’s Keep Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Any actions you take as a result of the reading are your own responsibility.