A cartoon drawing of Zander sitting at a desk reading an article. Loki stands behind him, grinning at you.

Zander Hjörvard Knightly


Salutations! I’m Zander, the creator of this website and its content. I’m a hard polytheistic Heathen who practices a blend of Norse and Celtic Paganism. I live in the United States and have worked with my patron god, Loki Laufeyjarson, since 2014.

I was raised in a science-minded atheist/agnostic household but have always enjoyed spirituality, philosophy, comparative religion, and theology alongside science. Throughout high school and into college I explored general New Age concepts and practices, in and outside of academia.

Exploring different paths led me to my work with Loki and the pagan spiritual practice I have today. My initial struggles with Norse Heathenry inspired me to create this website in hopes I can share my thoughts and knowledge, and by doing so make other people’s exploration of this spirituality a little easier.

I gather my research from combined and vetted resources: Academic papers, international heathen communities, and pagan clergy.