Norse Heathenry

Exploring the Old Ways

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Section 1: Norse Pagan Concepts

This section was made with contributions from the international Heathen community and pagan Masters of Divinity. Enjoy!

The Basics

Introduction to Norse Heathenry

What is it?

The History of Norse Heathenry

How it evolved

Our Sources

Where it comes from

Practice Formats

How it's practiced today

Powers & Entities


Norse Gods & Goddesses


Wights and More


Family Line and Chosen



The Icelandic Creation Myth


The World Tree

The Worlds*

*Coming soon!

The Norns

Weavers of fate


The tragic battle

Death & the Afterlife

What happens after death?

Morality & Ethics

Basic Norse Morality

What do Norse Heathens value?

Frith & Hospitality

Human connection

The Gifting Cycle

Norse pagan reciprocity

Other Concepts

The Multi-Part Soul

A Norse Pagan concept of Self

Wyrd & Orlog

A philosophy of action and outcome

Inner-Yard and Outer-Yard

The known and unknown

Sacred Spaces*

*Coming soon!

Norse Pagan Practice

Developing a Practice

How to start practicing Norse paganism


Deity, Spirit, and Ancestor veneration


Holidays & Yearly Observances

Norse Runes

Explore modern-day runic magic

Norse Magic

Seidr, Galdrastafir, Spádom, and more


Blót & Sumbel


Examples of practice

Common Misconceptions

White Nationalist Influences

Nazi and Neo-Völkish Appropriation

Christian Influences

Modern-day conflations

Pop Culture Influences

The fantastical and commercialized

Section 2: Guides & How-To’s

Deity & Spirit Work 101

Developing Communication Skills

Basic Magic

For the beginner

Making Offerings*

*Coming soon!

Section 3: Reference Pages

Tarot Quick Reference

Link Bank

Terms Defined


Recommended Resources

Books, Media, Articles, & Groups

Section 4: Articles

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