Blót (“bloat”) is a word that means “offering” or “blessing”—it describes a spiritual action. It’s the name used for Heathen spiritual services, rituals, personal observances. A blót can also be the act of making offerings to deities, ancestors, spirits, or the land. Norse Pagans observe blót in many different ways. It’s generally designed to foster Frith between ourselves and spiritual forces.


Sumbel is a communal event, usually done as part of a feast or ritual. Our blueprint for sumbel comes from the epic poem Beowulf. Sumbel involves passing a ritual cup around to each member who makes a toast before drinking from the vessel and passing it on. The nature of the rounds and the order they’re in vary depending on the sumbel. Rounds may include:

  • A round for Ancestors/Heroes
  • A round for Deities/Powers
  • A round for Toasts/Boasts/Oaths

Sumbel is typically a joyous occasion. How ceremonial it is, what sort of drinking vessel is used, and what kind of beverage is involved all depends on the event.