The following privacy policy applies to the Skald’s Keep store.

Data Collected

In order to conduct business through the Skald’s Keep store, I need to keep and maintain order records, which includes capturing typical billing and shipping information that you’re required to provide in your order when making a purchase. This information, as well as other known information about your purchase, is recorded and kept on the Skald’s Keep server for a time.

Who Data is Shared With

Your data is only shared with the printer services that fulfill your order, and with Paypal or Venmo for processing your payment. I do not share or distribute your data.

Data Retention Period

Order data is stored in the server for up to 30 days before all personal information is purged and the transaction is anonymized. Yay technology!

Payment Processing

All transactions, including card payments, are processed through Paypal or Venmo applications. Because these are third party payment gateways, no card information is captured or stored in the Skald’s Keep server. This lets us both sleep easier at night.