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Paganism, Magic, & Heathen Practice

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Texts and Contexts of the Oldest Runic Inscriptions

Magic beyond the binary: Magic and gender in the Poetic Edda

Óðinn as mother: The Old Norse deviant patriarch


Youtube Channels

Arith Härger

Arith is a Scandinavian scholar and practicing Heathen.

  • Reconstructionist Heathenry
  • Old Norse and Scandinavian Culture
  • Heathen Practice

Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen

Rune is a Danish scholar and practicing Heathen.

  • Heathen Practice
  • Old Norse and Scandinavian Culture

Dr. Jackson Crawford

Dr. Jackson Crawford is an American linguist, Old Norse specialist, and professor. He is not Heathen or Asatru.

  • Old Norse Linguistics
  • Old Norse Culture

Ocean Keltoi

Ocean Keltoi is a reconstructionist Heathen living in the United States.

  • Heathen Practice
  • Discerning Christianity from Heathenry
  • Comparative Religion

University Lectures

Vikings / The European Prospect, 1000

Yale Courses

The Children of Ash: Cosmology and the Viking Universe

Cornell University

Vikings in a Turbulent Anglo-Scandinavian World

University of Chicago

Select Videos

Heathen Practice

Common Misconceptions in Old Norse Religion

By Arith Härger. Arith discusses modern-day misconceptions about Heathenry and Ásatrú, complete with sources.

Norse Spirituality – The Parts of the Self

By Arith Härger. Arith discusses in-depth the Norse view of the soul, which is comprised of multiple parts that all serve distinct functions.

Wyrd and Orlog – The Norse Destiny

By Arith Härger. Arith discusses the Norse concepts of Wyrd and Orlog, or the Norse concepts of relativity and destiny.

A Gift calls for a Gift – The Circle of Gift Giving

By Arith Härger. Arith talks about the Norse pagan Gifting Cycle; what it is, the history of it, and its spiritual significance.

What is Animism?

By Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen. Rune gives an overview of Animism, a concept that permeates a lot of Norse Pagan practices.

Norse Mythology Retellings

Legends Summarized: The Poetic Edda

By Overly Sarcastic Productions. Red discusses the Poetic Edda and retells some select stories from it.

The Aesir-Vanir War – Extra Mythology

By Extra Credits. The war of the Aesir and the Vanir retold. NOTE: Some info in this video is speculation, such as Freyja = Gullveig.

Miscellaneous Myths: Utgard-Loki

By Overly Sarcastic Productions. Red recounts the story of Thor and Loki meeting a strange illusionist named Utgard-Loki and the trials he gave them.

Miscellaneous Myths: Loki’s Wager

By Overly Sarcastic Productions. Red retells the story of how Asgard got many of its treasures…and how Loki exploited semantics to keep his head on his shoulders.

Miscellaneous Myths: Ragnarok

By Overly Sarcastic Productions. Red discusses Ragnarok, the battle that ended the Norse Gods.


History Summarized: Vikings!

By Overly Sarcastic Productions. Blue gives a brief overview of Viking history and clears up some common misconceptions about these seafaring Norse people.


Websites & Blogs

Fjorn’s Hall


  • Norse & Viking History
  • Old Norse Practices
  • Courses & Educational Content
  • Friendly Environment

North of Annwn


  • American Forn Sidr
  • 101 Information
  • (On temporary hiatus)

Seo Helrune


  • Advanced Heathenry
  • Advanced Concept Discussion

Communities & Organizations

Forn Sidr of America

Norse Pagan Hof

Heathen Women United

International Women’s Group

Heathen Men United

Facebook Page & Group

Open Halls Project

Military Resource for US Heathens

Hands of Eir

Resource for leaving extremist groups

Additional Links

The BITE Model

Cult studies by Steven Hassan, PhD


SPLC’s entry on Neo-Völkisch ideologies

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