Perhaps even more numerous than the Norse gods are the Norse spirits. Because Heathenry is an animistic religion, spirits are recognized and honored just as frequently as the Norse gods. Here is a sampling of some of the more commonly-referred-to Norse spirits:

Álfar are elves. Their appearances vary. Sometimes they’re regarded as small “hidden people” and other times viewed as tall, graceful, and otherworldly.

Dísir (singular: Dís) are female powers or entities that are benevolent towards humans.

Dwarves are entities that often live underground. They are associated with smithing and crafting. Like trolls, they turn to stone when exposed to sunlight.

Jötnar (singular: Jötunn) are beings associated with untamable forces and wilderness. This word is crudely translated to “giant” in english, but not all Jötunn are large.

Landvætter are spirits associated with the land and its features.

Nisse/Tomte are a type of hausvætter associated with living spaces. Offerings are sometimes given to the Nisse to bring good luck.

Trolls are entities related to Jötnar. They may appear large and ogre-like to more human in appearance, like the huldra. They are known to turn to stone in sunlight.

Wights are spirits associated with objects. “Wight” is also a generic term for “spirit.”