Wyrd is the concept of “destiny”; it is the reality that exists around us, influenced by our collective actions and the outcomes.

Orlog is the relationship between actions and outcomes. The outcomes of the past inform our present reality; present reality informs our present actions; present actions inform future outcomes; future outcomes manifest and become outcomes of the past. The cycle continues ever onward. However, this process isn’t linear and isolated; the actions of others can also affect us and our actions can affect them. The outcomes of those actions can in turn affect other people, provoking more actions, and so on. Actions and outcomes weave in and out of one another to create the Web of Wyrd. Orlog can be thought of as the threads.

Our reality affects our actions, but our actions also affect reality. The ability to harness and direct the Wyrd to shape the future is a principle behind the magical practice of seiðr.

A Note on “Karma”

Orlog shouldn’t be confused with the Hindu concept of Karma. Karma is based on the belief that one’s actions impact one’s reincarnation cycle and journey to enlightenment, which means actions are either “good” or “bad” depending on if they help or hinder this. But these beliefs aren’t shared in Heathenry. With Orlog, an action is simply an action. Whether it has consequences or not is relative to its environment (people, society, circumstances, impact, etc.) rather than a function of the Universe.

Video Explainer

Wyrd & Orlog – The Norse Destiny

By Arith Härger