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What is practice? It is, above all, any action or observance that brings you a sense of connection in your spirituality. Some Heathens find close connection through Norse Studies in history, but others find it in a metaphysical experience. Others may find it in the culture, and others yet may find it in action and lifestyle. So before you dive into this section, ask yourself, “What is drawing me to Norse Heathenry? What do I find interesting about it?” You may not know the answer yet, but that’s okay. Exploring what you connect with is key to tailoring Norse Heathenry to your needs, as well as finding communities you mesh well with.

Building a practice is known as developing spiritual or religious praxis. In Norse Paganism, your praxis is something you create for yourself rather than a standard given to you to follow. The following section talks about many different popular practices and observances found in American Norse Paganism, but what you choose to adopt in your practice is entirely up to you.

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