Many religions concern themselves with morality, or the way we distinguish right and wrong. Like many things, morality is decentralized in Heathenry; “right” and “wrong” are not determined by a single source but rather by the culture around it. Morality is something made by people for people in Heathenry, rather than viewed as a divine mandate from the gods. Therefore, the overarching moral concepts we do have center upon the wellbeing of people as opposed to the glorification of divinity.

Heathens may choose to have certain spiritual values based on their own aspirations and worldview. But these are personal guides rather than universal requirements to be a “good Heathen.”

A Note on Reconstructing Past Morality

Sometimes Heathens will look at ancient Norse laws and customs to determine spiritual morality. This is something we must be careful with for two reasons:

  1. It risks using the past as a form of scripture
  2. The ethics of the past are inherently different from the ethics of the present

Should you choose to personally follow a reconstructed moral code, remember that this code is for you. It’s not a standard that all Heathens will follow, or will want to follow.