From the Practitioner

  • United States

From Washington, USA. It’s more land / season focused than deity focused. Dried roses from my valentine’s bouquet, scented candles from my other valentine, bunnies for fertility and the joy of fucking, a tarot card gifted to me in a local ritual, beehive book’s herbalist tarot deck, a lace blindfold from a former lover, a ribbon and bells from a pagan poly mudfest in the woods of Indiana almost a decade ago, a stone from the yard for grounding (and a reminder of hubris). Below the tray is a twig for making into wand-shape one day, incense, and an incense burner. And sundry other items I won’t describe the importance of, but don’t mind depicting.

I use my altar as a place to go if I want to address or be with the gods. In the last five years I’ve been mostly drawn to the Morrigan, and Freyja. Occasionally I have devotional items to them, but mainly it’s an altar for me to work with or for the land.