From the Practitioner

  • United States

The holding box itself is an older leather and wood chest that I found several years back and took an instant liking to for some reason, grabbing it but as I hadn’t yet fully delved into heathenry it remained empty. Slowly but surely I started gathering things; a bone here, a crystal there, that I felt drawn to for whatever reason until I ultimately realized why that was there once I did more research into the practice. The bones are what I feel the most connection to, those and the Fenrir necklace I received as a gift from a friend of mine ironically enough before I started my practice. The fox jaws I put the runes on myself as the finishing touch so to speak, though I change out the context of my quant little stow away altar depending on what new trinkets I find as time goes on. The wolf snow globe is a newer addition as is the mink skull, both of which were an immediate “you need this right now” sort of feel when I stumbled on them. All in all I’m happy with how my altar works and I feel proud that I am able to have this little space specifically dedicated to my Heathenry, though in the future I do plan to expand out to a shelf or small table of some sort, allowing it to always be out presenting rather than stashed away in a box. As of now though, my little trunk of wonders serves all that I need it to and is more than enough.