Published On: July 8th, 2022Last Updated: July 8th, 2022Categories: Updates

Hello readers! It’s been a hot minute, but my absence has not been without reason, and it comes with exciting news! The Skald’s Keep store will soon undergo major changes. It will be turned into a hub showcasing pagan goods and book publications from independent artists and writers from the community. These artists and writers do not pay to showcase their goods on my site, but rather their eligibility is determined by the genuine nature of their material. I’ll have more guidelines for this as things develop.

As for the goods you see in the store currently? They’ve found a new home on a website I’ve created for such a purpose, called Lockwood Metaphysical. This new small business will help supplement my personal income so I can keep producing content for Skald’s Keep. Please check it out, and follow it on different social medias to keep updated on new goodies.

As always, keep an eye on the Skald’s Keep twitter for any other updates.

Thanks, and skål!

– Zander

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