From the Practitioner

  • Poland

here it is, I don’t really think of it as altar, more like “display of some cool things” so it’s always in progress, since there are so many cool things out there. flags are from various pride events, photo is of my grandma (needs a proper frame), the vial with volcanic sand was a gift from friend, buddha amitabha with a small mjolnir is a nod to cross-cultural exchange and to my spiritual exploits (tibetan buddhism was the very first spiritual path that made sense to me and I still practice some buddhist techniques in meditation), there are some random bones, pebbles, and minerals (and yea I have more. I like shiny rocks), I had this stuffed horse toy for… forever and it’s just there now, idk. some of these things are usually in the large box. dark candle is my scent mix for Angrboda. Artwork is by me and also waits for a frame, because frames aren’t free unfortunately.