Fenrir is a god who takes the shape of a mighty wolf. Bound by the gods due to his size and pride, Fenrir broke free to take revenge during Raganrok. Fenrir is typically associated with breaking bonds, anger, and retribution.

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Tyr/Týr is a god who lost his hand to the jaws of Fenrir. He may have once played a more prominent role in the Norse pantheon as the chief of the Aesir before Odin. As such, he is associated with justice and law.

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Thor/Þórr is the protector of humanity, a mighty god associated with storms, thunder, lightning, and strength. He wields the short-handled Mjölnir, a hammer that burns hot with lightning and always returns to the hand when thrown. All someone has to do is say Thor’s name and he will appear to protect them.

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Skadi/Skaði is a goddess associated with winter, hunting, wilderness, and skiing. Originally from Jötunheim, she sought out the Aesir to gain vengeance for her father’s death, but agreed to settle with the Aesir under certain conditions. She is married (albeit unhappily) to Njörd, who’s associated with the ocean.

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Odin/Óðinn is the Allfather, chief of the Aesir gods and husband of Frigg. Depicted as an old man with one eye, he’s associated with knowledge, wisdom, magic, madness (oðr), war, death, trickery, secrets, and poetry. Odin is said to wander the world sometimes, seeking wisdom and giving advice.

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Loki is a clever god associated with trickery, shapeshifting, cunning, humor, wit, and deceit. Blood-brother to Odin, Loki’s typically known for getting the Aesir in and out of trouble. His actions are often transgressive and play a key role in many Norse stories.

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