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The tale goes like this, by all my hogs and goats.

The World, proud of its vastness, spread itself far in all directions in order to better display its majesty, and all were impressed except for Loki Laufeyjarson, who traveled the world for its spices and ales and found it very tedious getting from one corner to the other.

“I’ve seen moons show greater physique,” Loki said to the World in a taunting voice.

“Oh, do tell,” the world replied, suspicious of the Sky Treader, as all planets are. But then Loki laughed, and said:

“Spread out from side-to-side as you are is so simple that a mortal can do it!” And at this the Sky Treader splayed his limbs out. “But the heavenly bodies can take on shapes unlike any other. Yet you choose to language like a living-and-dying thing. What gives?”

And I’m telling you now, that the world would’ve snorted at this, if worlds could snort.

“Do you not see this fine greenery, these soaring mountains, these bottomless seas?” it asked the sly Jotun.

“Anyone can dress like a king!” Loki replied tartly, and the world knew this to be true. “But not all things are capable of talent, my good Earth. If you wish, I can teach you a fine trick I once learned from a passing comet that is really bound to impress! Observe.” And with that, Loki bent himself backwards, and this is where the art of contortion comes from.

“Most impressive!” the world said. “Allow me to try!” And so the world began to bend itself backwards and settled into a nice round form, only to find itself stuck in that shape. Realizing the trick, it called out Loki by name, but by then it was already too late and the Sky Treader was gone.

To this day, the world remains round, allowing travelers to sail around the globe without fear of falling off.

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