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When I originally built Skald’s Keep, I imagined it would simply be a place to offload answers to common questions I’m asked by the pagan community. I had no idea it would become anything bigger, but I’m absolutely delighted that is has. Up until now, this website has been a side-project; something I work on when I have the time and brainpower to do so. But if I was ever given the opportunity to do so, I would work on this and related projects full-time. So why not try to give myself that opportunity?

Ko-fi is a platform that allows fans to support content creators through donations and subscriptions, similar to Patreon. The Ko-fi account for Skald’s Keep is still a work-in-progress, but your subscription will let you see behind-the-scenes action and preview upcoming material. More perks will be added as time goes by and more people support.

Now before you assume otherwise, I’ll put this out here for the record:

The information on Skald’s Keep has always been and will always be completely free.

I built this website to make Norse Heathenry as accessible as possible; locking that knowledge behind a paywall would defeat that purpose. Instead of paying to see content, subscribing will allow you to access additional goodies as a thank-you for your support. I’ll share more info on what those are once I have the tiers and perks finalized!

If you’re interested in subscribing and would like to weigh in on what perks I should offer, you can fill out this survey. Please take the survey only if you’re interested in becoming a patron.

That’s it for now, and thanks for reading!

– Zan

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