Cleansing is the act of energetically cleaning something. Sometimes our tools and environments build up energetic “gunk” around them, making the space or item feel stagnant or displeasing. Cleansing clears out that buildup and resets the energy of our items and spaces.

Energetic cleansing can be done with many different techniques. Ultimately, no special tools are required to do any kind of magic, but you may discover a preference for one technique over another:

Using cleaning tools to cleanse

Believe it or not, the same tools we use for typical cleaning can be tasked for energetic cleaning as well. To use the tool for energetic cleansing, simply consecrate it for that purpose.

Using smoke to cleanse

Smoke cleansing is a common form of cleansing. Incense or plant materials are burned to produce smoke, which is used to clear out unwanted energy from a space or objects.

Please note that smoke cleansing is not the same as smudging, which refers to a specific indigenous tradition. I advise adopting a culturally-sensitive approach to the plants you use for smoke-cleanse, and to use plants and herbs that are ecologically sustainable. Lavender, mugwort, and rosemary are good choices if you’re looking for herb bundles.

Using sound to cleanse

Sounds is another great way to cleanse and can be great for apartments or dormitories. You can use bells, wooden instruments, or even music to cleanse. All you need to do is consecrate the instrument or music for the purpose.

Using water to cleanse

Sometimes we can simply wash something to cleanse it, pouring the intention of energetic cleanliness into the action as we do it. We can also consecrate water to use in a spritz bottle.

Using other tools to cleanse

As long as something is properly tasked for the job, anything can be used for magical cleansing—feathers, brooms, and anything else you feel can help chase away the energetic dust. You’re not required to have fancy ritual tools for the job, but it’s certainly an option.


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