Consecration is the act of giving an item its magical job. Consecration calibrates our tools so they can perform the tasks we intend to use them for. It’s best practice to both cleanse and consecrate items before using them in magic for the first time, but this can also be done after the fact if need be.

Consecrating an Object

  1. Cleanse the object if needed. Why? This clears away any residual energy found on the object. It’s a bit like doing a factory reset.
  2. Hold the object in your hands or place it in your lap. Why? The goal of this step is to establish an undivided connection with the object.
  3. While channeling some of your energy into the object, verbally or mentally state the purpose the object will fulfill. For example, if you’re consecrating a wand, you can say, “You are my wand who channels my energy during spellwork. I grant you the ability to focus and amplify my magic as it is cast and directed.” What you say doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as you’re clear about the job you’re giving. Why? Putting our thoughts into clear sentences is an efficient way to declare our intentions while leaving as little room for ambiguity as possible. If we’re not sure what we want, that will be reflected in spellcasting.
  4. You will also want to bless your object after cleansing it as a sign of goodwill. This blessing can be something you give to the object or something you can ask a deity to do for you.


It’s possible for items to possess particularly strong personalities. I have found this to especially be the case with older items, or items that were handcrafted with a strong intent behind them. Sometimes an item may not want to fulfill the job you’re trying to give it. In this case, it’s better to find a different item than it is to try to “command” that object to obey. It’s better to work with your tools than against them.

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